Terror in India

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The Rastriya Sayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is an extremist paramilitary Hindu nationalist group. The RSS was founded in 1925 by the inspiration from European right wing groups during World warII. The RSS militant group who engage in attacks the minority groups throughout India. The RSS militant group follow blind anti Muslim and anti Islam ideology. The RSS group had established many schools, charities and club to spread the ideological beliefs throughout India.
The RSS group was banned the British government. It was also banned by the Government of India thrice. The RSS group was banned in 1948 after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse,a RSS member.
This group was banned during the emergency (1975-1978) and after the demolition of Babri Masjid by RSS group in 1992. The bans were subsequently lifted due to political reason.
The RSS group follow pre-modern religious concept and fascist ideology. They believe in violence and anti-minority riot especially anti-Muslims. They want Islam free zone in India. There are about 138 million Muslim population according to the 2001 Census(about 13.4% of the total population). How this population should be vanished from India? The RSS group is the world largest fascist group.They are shouting and propagating that save Hinduism. But It is not clear who will save the Hinduism and how? It seems that Hinduism is the personal property of RSS. We know that God for all and God has no religion. But it is very strange and unfortunate that the RSS group always abuse Hinduism for their own interest. They never care Hinduism and national interest. They do not like to follow the Indian constitution. They would like to use painting nationalism and Hinduism publicly but real face is the fascism and violence.The RSS group is made by coating nationalism and Hinduism in exterior but there are infectious poisonous materials in interior.The RSS group always involve in communal riots throughout India.RSS never believe in Indian secularism and true Hinduism.They have been exploiting and misguiding the youths, common poor peoples in the name of Hinduism and nationality.They want to create a fascist culture which will be exploit the unity and peaceful culture in India.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the political wing of RSS and control by RSS. BJP follow the RSS ideology.There are many group which follow the RSS ideology ,such as Visha Hindu Parisad (VHP),Bajrang Dal , Akil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parisad (ABVP) ,Bharatiya Majdur Sangha (BMS) etc.
There were 13,356 serious anti-Muslim riots in 39 years between 1954 to 1992 as per government statics.It had been gifted by RSS,BJP. What a secular democracy! Can you Imagine ? There are no still anti communal violence bill by the government. Government of India become deaf and dumb.It seems that Muslims are rabbit here! I do not know where is our civil intellectual peoples and human right . It is really shame that I born here where is the no security for Minority!
Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde says RSS was behind Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon blasts. “After investigations, we have seen that be it BJP or RSS, their training camps are promoting Hindu terrorism.

All religion are basically same and only an idiot can say “My religion is the best”. A God and religion concept never solve any socio-political problem. On the other hand it will create most of the socio-political problem.Religion poison everything of our healthy peaceful life. An extremist can kill some peoples only but never solve any problem in reality. A God and religion identity can never give us food ,pure drinking water and economic growth. A religion concept and identity never solve malnutrition,hunger,poverty, unemployment and others basic problems in the country. Only a religion concept and identity can create religious madness which will be create violence ,destruction and war and it is proved.


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