Terror in India

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India is the killing field for Muslims

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India is the largest secular democratic country. But there are no secularism in India. It is really cruel political joke. India is the killing field for Muslims.It is a normal matter in India! Government never care it,There are 13,356 serious anti-Muslims riots in 39 years between 1954 and 1992.

we continue to feed our #communal fires.We need for an effective and balanced communal violence bill.
It is a sin to born as a Muslims in India. Muslims are not safe in India. Everyday Muslims are being harassed in many way. Muslims feel insecurity of their life.Our secular democracy Government are deaf and dumb about it. Its a shame for Indian secular democracy!Muslims are living as a second class citizen in India. A lot of poverty and insecurity have been persist among the large number of Muslims only because Muslims are following Islam.Population. According to the 2001 Census, India’s
Muslim population was about 138 million (about 13.4%
of the total population), and by 2006 the Muslim
population would be over 150 million.  Muslims, 2nd largest communities in India.But the situation of Muslims communities most worst as per Sachar report.. What is the wrong with Muslims? Communal politics always find wrong from Muslims! They are creating anti- Muslim #propaganda for their own interest. It is very clear and most of the peoples of our country know that rashtriya sayang sevak sangh (RSS) is the root causes of communal riots and anti Muslims attitude of the government of India,. RSS was established in 1926 before independent of India by Hindu extremists. BJP,Narendra Modi,Shiv sena, bajrang dal, vishu hindu parisad(VHP),akhil bharatiya vidyarthi parishad(ABVP),bharatiya mazdoor sangh (BMS) are following RSS and control  by RSS. BJP and RSS are the slow poison for India. Our secular Government is still silence and continue understanding politics with communal forces.Local Political parities are busy with local issues politics and national congress party is busy   understanding and balancing politics with communal parties ,organisations,groups and others local parties for their own interest not national interest.

List of major anti-Muslimriots:
1961: October: Aligarh
1962: Jabalpur (MP)
1964: Bhivandi(Maharashtra)
1967: Ranchi(Bihar)
1969: Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
1970: Bhiwandi, Jalgaon, Malad (Maharashtra)
1971: Aligarh
1978: October : Aligarh
1978-1980: Jamshedpur (Bihar), Varanasi (UP)
1980: Moradabad (UP)
1981: Meenakshipuram, Biharsharif, May-June: Aligarh.
1982: Meerut(UP)
1983: Nellie (Assam), 2191 people killed.
“The six-hour carnage in Nellie claimed 3,300 innocent lives.”
“The Muslim immigrants of Nellie were attacked by the Tiwa ribals on February 18.”
“Even after 24 years, the government has not made publice the T. D. Tewari Commission report of 1994. All the relatives of the Nellie victims received was a paltry Rs. 5,000 each. The survivors were compensated with Rs. 2,000…”
“The records at the Jagir Road police station show that 688 cases were filed agains the murderers. But only 310 were charge sheeted. The remaining 378 cases were closed because of lack of evidence.” [India Today, 13 Aug 2007]
1983: Bhatkal (Karnataka)
1986: April: Newada(Bihar): more than 40 killed.
1987: Meerut(UP)
1989: Bhagalpur(Bihar)
Data released by the Ministry of Home shows that prior to Babri Masjid demolition, the percentage of Muslim victims in the riots had been 80%. [MG 1-15 Nov 2005]
1990-91 : Dec.- Jan. : Aligarh
1992-1993: Bombay, Surat, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Delhi and rest of the India
In Bombay Riots:
Killed: 872
Injured: 1829
Missing: 443
(govt figure submitted to the Srikrishna Commission)
1997: Coimbatore
2000: Report by Asghar Ali Engineer
2001: Kanpur, Malegaon
Report by Asghar Ali Engineer
2002: Gujarat
In the post-Godhra riots of 2002: 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in Gujarat. A total of 223 persons have been reported missing, 2548 persons sustained injuries, 919 persons were rendered widows and 606 children were orphaned during the riots.
711 communal incidents, 193 killed, 2261 injured.
2004: Report by Asghar Ali Engineer
677 communal incidents, 134 killed, 2132 injured
2005: Mau (UP); Report by Saanjhi Duniya, Second Report by Saanjhi Duniya, Report by Subhashini Ali.
779 communal incidents, 124 killed, 2066 injured.
2006: Goa, Vadodra(Gujarat), May: Aligarh(UP)
Communal riots 2006 : Asghar Ali Engineer
698 communal incidents, 133 killed, 3170 injured.
till first quarter of 2007: 191 communal incidents, 23 killed, 611 injured. [Status paper on Internal Security Situatio by Union Ministry of Home Affairs]
Since 1940, 75 per cent of the causalities – in terms of lives and property destroyed during riots have been of Muslims.
(Source: Riots and its Aftermath by Shashank Shekhar)




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