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Painting nationalism

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BJP ,Modi are talking about nationalism.They feel so proud of Nationalism. BJP supporters are always shouting about nationality and national interest. They blame APP and others some  party are doing anti-national work. Well and good. and I like nationalism very much. But i feel disappointed when I see the activities done by BJP. Here are few examples and you can easily feel what type of nationality they like to follow.

1. BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who never misses an opportunity to attack Pakistan is now on a regular advertisement declaring, interestingly in Hindi, in a country that knows Urdu “Bharat ke Ujwal Bhavishye ke Liye Yogdaan De”. (Donate for the bright future of India). And under this are two lines in Englist stating Donate Now, Modi for PM Fund, donate.bjp.org.


2.BJP talks of national security but Kargil war happened in their tenure due to the dereliction of the government.

3..Narendra Modi,.BJP is talking about Hindu Nationality. The  supporters of Modi feel very pleased to know it.But we feel and love our India. India is one and our nationality is only Indian. We ought to be all Indian nationalists.People who are talking about Hindu,Muslim ,Christian, Sikh Nationality were really anti-nationalism . Our constitution believe in secular democracy and we all should follow and respect our constitution. Plurality is our culture not divisive  policy.Hindu ,Islam, Christian are our religion but we all Indian.

4. BJP promised to delete article 370 from Indian constitution but they had not done the job when they were in union government.

5. BJP talks of patriotism but they are responsible for escorting and sending the two dreaded terrorists to Pakistan by not other person than BJP foreign minister Vaswant singh

6. BJP talks of national security but Kargil war and Coffin scam happened in their tenure due to the dereliction of the government.

7. UPA led BJP government  took Sanjhota Express to Pakistan and they  called Parvej Musharraf to Agra (India). BJP senior leader LK Advani has praised Jinna.

8.BJP are shouting against terrorism and it is very good. But the UPA  government’s achievements to the people and urged Pakistan  to do more to tackle terror.

9. BJP is talking about Kashmir issue but  they did nothing when they were in union government.

10.BJP always raised issue of black money but when they were in union government they never tried to bring black money stashed in foreign banks.

11. BJP never dare to try remove corruption ,criminal ,mafia and communal riots free India 

It seems that all are painting and just appeasement vote bank publicity nationalism. We can see same history in Congress. There are no different between BJP and Congress but they are working together hand in hand like twin brother.



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