Terror in India

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Nothing Indian, Hinduism in Modi, BJP

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My heart AAP my love AAP

BJP is the political wing of Rastriya Sayamsevak Sangha (RSS). They claim to be  Hindutva party. But we do not find any Hinduism in BJP. BJP never did any good job for Hindus and Hindu religion. BJP led Vajpayee’s NDA government never did any job for Hindu and Hindu religion. All are political charade  and  a strategy to win the political power and make the people fool. They would like to use Hindu God and  religion only for their own interest. BJP has become the party of corrupted ,criminals,communal. extremists, fundamentalists, fascists ,fanatic . uncivilised peoples.There are nothing nationalism ,Hinduism and humanism in party politics and all are painting and full of lie.BJP are the greatest liar and believe in double standard theory.  They misleading the peoples in the name of religion and nationalism theory.They can do anything only to get power and do not care any right ideology which…

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