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Will BJP defend or take action against VHP’s Ashok Singhal for his anti-Muslim remarks?

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In a bizarre development, Ashok Singhal, VHP chief and senior RSS leader spew venom against the Indian Muslim community in threatening language, which is not only objectionable but also unwarranted and unconstitutional. His irresponsible statements are not only anti-national but also anti-Human
In the course of his expression he said that without Muslim support Modi has won the election for BJP. What is the proof? Can he say that particular community didn’t vote BJP? If he can, does it mean that not voting a ruling party subjects to disparity and cease to be an Indian national?
I am very critical of the so called Indian Secular Industry, who seek vote on religious lines. I am equally critical to persons like Singhal who want to assert that a community’s vote doesn’t matter in the formation of the government.
I agree that Muslims must respect the sentiments of the Hindus but the Hindus must equally respect Muslim sentiments as well. Singhal must understand that only Hinduism is the ancient culture that survived till date because of its accommodative nature. Lord Jagannath’s closest devotee is a Muslim called Salabeg.

India is a country inheriting a great legacy of civilization that believes in cohabiting different faith-followers greeting each other. Muslims contribute around 15-18 percent of the population. Considering the size their number, could be more than many countries.

Yes, India is divided into two on religion and three on language. But again all these religious or linguistic divide didn’t provide a solution. Saying that Godhra and Ram Mandir makes Modi government possible is a seriously flawed argument and insulting to common citizens of India.

Article 370 or Union Civil Code is no way a Hindutva issue.

Muslims or any minority of this country are citizen at par with anyone from majority community. Hindus too reject such venomous spitting particularly against a targeted community.

I am really a fan of Narendra Modi. It’s that Modi who silenced both Pravin Togodia and Sanjay Joshi in Gujarat who wanted to run a fundamentalist Hindutva laboratory. My definition of Hindutva is simple, justice for all, appease for none. Sab ka Saath and Sab ka Biswas. I am a proud Hindu at the same time I am proud to be friend of a proud Indian Muslim.

It’s really a call for Narendra Modi now. Is he buying the idea of Singhal? Some BJP leaders trying to defend Singhal! It must be realized that India did not vote for BJP; rather it voted for Narendra Modi. I just want to hear from him what he says on Shingal’s comment.

If at all Modi tried to defend Singhal, then I can commit that I would drop him from my list of heroes. Second is that people like me in Hindu community are in majority who believe in uniting India rather than dividing India. If Modi cannot pass this test and take action against Singhal I can give a forecast that Modi would go into the history as an betrayer.


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