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‘India is Already a Hindu Nation’,

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 'India is Already a Hindu Nation', Says Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza

Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza sparked a controversy today by saying that “India is already a Hindu nation” and “all Indians in Hindustan are Hindus.”

Mr D’Souza was defending the comments of his cabinet colleague Deepak Dhavalikar who said in the state assembly yesterday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “will help develop India into a Hindu nation”.  

“It was always a Hindu nation and will always be a Hindu nation. You don’t have to create a Hindu nation,” Mr D’Souza told reporters today. He also added that he considers himself a “Christian Hindu”.
“India is a Hindu country. It is Hindustan. All Indians in Hindustan are Hindus, including I – I am a Christian Hindu,” he said. Mr D’Souza is one of the senior-most minority members of the BJP in Goa.
Mr Dhavalikar triggered a national controversy yesterday while speaking during a motion congratulating Mr Modi on the BJP’s victory in the national election. 

“If we all support it and we stand by Narendra Modi systematically, then I feel a Hindu Rashtra will be established,” he said.
Mr D’Souza insisted that Mr Dhavalikar had no “clarity in his mind” because India is “already a Hindu nation”.

Mr Dhavalikar, 56, is the State Cooperation Minister and a member of BJP’s ally Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party.


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